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Companies Act 2006

There are a number of changes coming into effect today, as a result of the Companies Act 2006, some of the main ones are listed below:

  • Deadline for filing accounts at Companies house is now 9 months after year end
  • Stricter rules on Company Names.
  • Director may file a service address (which may be the same as their residential address or the registered office) which will be on the public record rather than their residential address.
  • Introduction of a Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL)
  • Introduction of a Statement of Capital
  • Changes to some of the forms.

For further information, visit the Companies House website

Credit Checks

Before giving your customer credit, it is advisable to do some checks.  Below, in no particular order are some of the checks that could be made:

  • request a bank reference
  • request trade references
  • check the limited company’s details against Companies House
  • credit reference check
  • analysis of customer’s year-end accounts

You can ask for bank references, trade references (from your prospective customer’s other suppliers), you


On a more personal note – the name of my own company is now Figurate Ltd.

The legal name change at Companies House was quite straightforward.  It took a little more time to communicate the change to my clients and bank.  However, what will take the longest is changing all the directory/advertising entries that had been set up under the old name.  The moral of my experience – choose your business name wisely the first time around.

Change of Company Name by Written Resolution

The other method of changing the name of a limited company is by written resolution.

This is a resolution passed unanimously by the members (shareholders) of a company.  All the members are then required to sign and date the document.

A Change of Name by Written Resolution form (NC20) is also available for download at the Companies House website.

Change of Company Name by Special Resolution

There are two ways of changing the name of a limited company, the first of these is by Special Resolution.

This is a resolution that must be passed at a general meeting of the company with a majority of 75%.  An ordinary resolution only requres a 51% majority.

A Change of Name by Special Resolution form (NC19) is available for download at the Companies House website.

Renaming Your Company

It’s always best to chose a good name for your business at the outset , but in case you hadn’t, it is possible to change the name of a limited company after it’s registered.

You must first check to make sure that the new name you have chosen is available.  This can be done online using Comapnies House WebCHeck service.  This service is available from Monday to Saturday 7.00am to 12 Midnight (UK time)

There is a fee of £10 (at the time of writing), which must be paid to Companies House before the name change is effected.

The process takes about 5 working days from the receipt of the request at Companies House.  Alternatively, there is a same day service for £50, which may be worth considering if time is particularly critical.

On the change of name, a new certification of incorporation will also be issued.