Good grief, it’s been a while!

I am currently overhauling the company website  and blog, but they will probably be divergent for a few more weeks, (these things always take longer than anticipated) as obviously client work has to take first priority.  I do hope to get back on track (erm, but I know that I’ve said that before). 

In the meantime, I’ve finally joined Twitter, which you should also be able to see from the feed on the right.  So, I’ve had a bit of fun setting that up (no, really, I have).  I wish I’d done it sooner!  Many of the bloggers that I’ve blogrolled, are now also on Twitter, and I’ll probably post more about this at a later date.

A couple of blogs seem to have been deleted altogether and one or two have moved or changed direction.   It looks like I’ll have to update my blogroll…


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