While updating my bloglines button, I stumbled across a website by a South African accountant.  Nothing unusual so far apart from his content is almost entirely copied from my company’s old website, which is also still live.

Now, I don’t mean that he’s just borrowed the odd bit here and there.  I mean he has copied every page verbatim only pausing to subsitute his name and address.

There is something surreal about seeing your own content copied entirely on a website on a different continent and I would be flattered by this ultimate compliment, where it not for the fact that…

  • I spent long hours writing that website content.
  • I’m not sure he even read it properly before he copied it, as some of the content only applies to the UK.

All of this lead me to the question of proving copyright, particularly on the internet.  A quick internet search led me to this useful post, it’s from a year ago but still relevent.  I’m grateful especially for their link to which is an archive of the internet and in my case, proves that my website was in place in 2007, while his is not even catalogued yet.


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