Payroll record keeping

Once a payroll is in operation, HMRC lay down certain requirements as to what records and information needs to be kept.  These include:

  • employees names, addresses (and their dates of birth)
  • gross pay, NICs, PAYE, other deductions, net pay (keeping a copy of their payslip would normally satisfy this requirement, assuming the payslip contained all the correct and required information)
  • copies of the employees’ P60
  • holiday, sickness, overtime, bonuses, commission details
  • value of benefits in kind and expense payments
  • amounts paid over to HMRC

Other information will also be required in the event of maternity/paternity/adoption and sickness/sick pay. 

In addition to records relating to payroll, you will be required to keep records relating to other matters, for example: hours worked, pensions, holidays taken, accidents.  (This is not an exhaustive list by any means)


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