Goods Written Off or Goods Written Down

Sometimes, goods might be unsaleable for one of the following reasons:

  • the goods might be lost or stolen
  • the goods might be damaged, and therefore worthless
  • the goods might become obsolete

When goods are lost, stolen or disposed of, the business will make a loss on them, because they will have zero sales value.

Similarly, if goods become obsolete and have to be sold at a reduced price, the business might make a loss, if the clearance sale value was less than the original purchase price.

As I mentioned, when I blogged about the prudence concept goods which have bcome worthless or worth less than their original cost, whould be written down to:

  • nothing if they are worthless/disposed of
  • their “net realisable value”, eg, their clearance sale price, if they are to be sold off at less than their original cost.

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