Choosing an Accounts Software

I’ve recently been in the position of choosing accounting software, so this has been forefront of my mind.  This is a (by no means exhaustive) list of things to consider (in no particular order). 

  • price
  • functionality
  • ease of use/user friendliness
  • accounting knowledge
  • upgradeability
  • upgrade cost
  • ongoing support costs
  • flexibility
  • does it meet your legal obligations

One response to “Choosing an Accounts Software

  1. Hi,
    Unfortunately, I’m unable to recommend specific accounts software (this being a blog and also because it really depends on the person, the business and the requirements of both)

    There are stacks of accounting books out there. It depends on the “level you’re at”, if you see what I mean. For complete beginners/non specialists, the “… for Dummies” and “Complete Idiots Guides…” give a general introduction.
    For accounting students and those who want to get their teeth into it:
    Frank Woods “Business Accounting” books (two volumes) are well known, but by no means the only choice.
    The CCAB Professional bodies publish their own books specifically for their syllabus/exams.