Business Blogging Benefits

If you ever wondered if what you get out of business blogging, have a look at Michelle Golden’s post on some of the benefits that she’s gained from her  Golden Practices blog.

In the two years I’ve been blogging, I’ve shaken hands with, and looked directly into the eyes of, dozens of bloggers whom I follow and admire, as well as readers of this blog (of course I admire you, too!). Some have referred work (yes, the kind that pays), others have published my work or syndicated it, and several have shared their books, ideas and advice with me. And still others have become friends with whom I communicate daily or close to it.

In the UK, it seems we’re relatively slow to get off the ground with business blogging.  For those in the UK and interested in browsing UK-based blogs, have a wander over to where you can also add your own business or personal blog to the directory for free.

Also, take a look at the 50 best business blogs (according to The Times newspaper) and the readers strike back with their own opinions and see if you agree.


3 responses to “Business Blogging Benefits

  1. Thanks so much for picking up my blog post. It can take awhile to build relationships through blogs and other social media, but they are every bit as real and meaningful as those developed the old-fashioned way. Thanks for the links to britblog and the 50 best blogs. Very helpful!

    Keep up your great work! I’m loving your blog. Michelle

  2. Happy Accountant

    Thank you!
    and as with “real life”, it definitely requires a longer term committment.

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