Naming your Company

I came across this article about naming your company, at Vitamin, by Michael McDermot
which identifies five critical steps in naming your company.

It recognises just how important naming your company is. You might not agree with everything, but it’s a great starting point.

Of course, with some businesses, the name doesn’t matter as much as others. If you are running a takeaway, brand is possibly less important to you than other things, such as location.

Restrictions on naming your limited company 

If you register a limited company, there are some restrictions on the name you can have. You cannot choose a name that has already been used.  You may choose to register a variation on an existing company name.  Companies can object to using a particular name if it is deemed to similar to an existing one, however, if there are no objections within twelve months, you may keep the name you have chosen.

You can use the Companies House Web Search facility to check the availability of names.

Companies House will not allow you to register an offensive name.  Also, certain words, such as “school” have restrictions on them.

If branding is important to your business, you should try to choose a name that is short, snappy.  If branding is less important, you might choose a descriptive name.

It being the age of the internet, you will probably want to register a domain with the same name as your company name.  Indeed, if the URL of your company name is unavailable, you may wish to select a different name.  Even if you have no intention of having a website, you will probably want to protect yourself from someone else registering that domain name

You can use a whois service to check the availability of domain names with various extensions (eg. .com,, .org).  If you want a .uk domain, you can also visit Nominet, the UK domain registrar.


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